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Classic Gin and Tonic

We often get asked how a "Gin and Tonic" should be made (or what is the gin and tonic recipe).... the real answer to this would be however you like it! But that doesn't help if you're new to Gin, or just feel like you need a place to start.

So the following idea will give you a Gin and Tonic which will be very similar to that you would get in a bar or restaurant. It's a great place to start your gin journey - or to go back to basics with.

In the below I am using a 1:4 ratio of Gin to Tonic. I'd suggest this is when you start out - and especially if its a 40% + alcohol Gin. I prefer a 1:3 ratio - but I'm a keen Gin drinker, and am a strong lover of the prominent Juniper flavour. (If you want to try this, just drop the Tonic from 200 ml to 150 ml).

With regards which Gin to use.... this is really difficulat to advise. If you are starting out, you could use a classic Gin like Gordon's or Bombay Sapphire. It's probably one of these that you will have been served in a bar / restaurant. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these!! This is why they are so well known and popular. 

Once you get comfortable with making one, you can explore different Gin's. My personal (current) favourite is Bareksten Botanical Gin. However, I wouldn't suggest this if you like the flavoured gin's more! This is quite a strong (alcohol content), "classic" gin. But pairs perfectly with tonic, to make what I would consider the best G&T (but chose Orange as your citrus in this one!).


<5 Mins










  • If possible, chill your glass. If you're going for a 1:4 ratio - make sure you use a taller / larger glass to accomodate the tonic

Approx 20 mins in the freezer will be more than enough (or however long you can wait!)


  • Fill the glass with ice cubes almost to the top

Great to try for clear ice cubes.... but this means using distilled / filtered water

A tip here, if you like tonic - and dont like "watering down" your drink is to make the ice cubes from tonic water


  • Pour the Gin into the glass over the ice
  • Slowly (this is important!) pour the tonic into the glass

Pouring slowly will help the tonic keeps its "fizz" for longer


  • Slice your citrus fruit and squeeze into the glass

Experiment with how much you like with this. Personally I love the citrus hit in my G&T and it really helps bring the drink together


  • Using another slice, gently cut half way through the slice, and slide over the edge of the glass
  • Sit back, savour, and enjoy! This, to me - is an excellent conversational drink to enjoy with company.


Gary @ GF

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