Artisanal gins
V2C gin begins with its ingredients; the freshest botanicals. Simple, natural, rich and flavorsome. The craftsmanship only adds to the quality and finish of V2C gin.
Each and every bottle of gin that bears the V2C label is a product of time, love, taste and devotion for your enjoyment

V2C is distilled in the Netherlands and made from the purest ingredients harvested from all around the world.

The classical gin 100% natural ingredients; juniper, angelica, orange, liquorice, and laurel, are subtly spiced with coriander, cardamom, lemon and ginger to offer a sophisticated body and turn this true country gent into a rich and lovable rogue. Our infusions of fruits, juices, and syrups are fully inspired by traditional, original recipes.

V2C Gin is 100% natural. No additives, extracts or filtering processes invade our small-batch dry Dutch gin and the 41,5% alcohol flexes this good spirit into great spirits.

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